Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Billionaire by Anita Munro

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I really have to work out how to get a hang of this video camera and get a better picture, but a least it’s a record of her singing at age 10 years old.Anita won FIRST PLACE at the Gold Coast Eisteddfod 2011 for Vocal Solo Popular Song….Billionaire! The adjudicators report said “I BELIEVE YOU!” It's a shame you cannot see all the expression in her face on the video because she was really amazing as she brought new moves with a live audience!

Proud Mum

Trish Munro


CardArTart said...

Anita nailed it, but you really need to practice with that camera mum! Shared this on FB, hope you don't mind :)

Shelly said...

Awesome! Loved it!