Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Here is the adorable mailbox my wonderful talented hubby Mark Munro whipped up for me using Bali Fish Scale Shingles available from Casbah Imports. What more could a girl want!

Feb 16 2011 cards & flowers 083


Anonymous said...

Wow! That came out fantastic, lucky you having a handy and crafty hubby. My father in-law was the carpenter crafter in the family, wish my hubby took after him a little more.

LorraineB said...

How sweet and unique!!!

Nati Tristan said...

OH that is very very cute! Wonderful work! Tell your husband great job!

CardArTart said...

Nice job! Give Marky a big pat on the back :)

Susan said...

This is so cute. I keep bugging my husband to do a project like this. I figure if I can get him into some type of crafting I would have more time for my crafting! Not to mention the cute stuff I would have around my home. I'm going to show my husband this and hopefully inspire him!