Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Darling Daughter

Hi, Just a quick post to let you know I’m still here but super busy with my family. Darling daughter who is 10… I sent her resume away for Mary Poppins a major production to be held in Brisbane,Australia and she made it to the interview but didn’t get through to the final round, which was a great experience for her very first professional job  interview. (Two of her friends are on the final list!)  She is currently preparing for an audition for a television show that specialises in kids singing and dancing which will be another great experience and I hope if nothing else she gets to sing at a stage venue (Brisbane Entertainment Centre) where people like Kylie Minogue & Dolly Parton sing and have a great memory of a day out with her Mum. I will feel I’ve done my best if I let her follow her dream in the world of music, if I help her by just getting her to every opportunity and the rest is up to her… needless to say its a lot of driving and heaps of waiting around and I’ve read a lot of great books lately. The best part about it all is we both get to spend a lot of time with like-minded families. I know for sure she loves it all because she sleeps with her tap shoes on the end of her bed and we all know when she’s up in the morning…singing and dancing. She even dances up and down the supermarket isles which can be very embarrassing but there is no off button.. trust me I’ve checked! On the weekend she competed in the Gold Coast Eisteddfod -Vocal solos and got a 1st, 2nd & 3rd -even with a high temp/virus. I’m off to card class tomorrow (my monthly stamping group) so I will have something to blog soon.

Stage Mum with L plates (We’ve both got a lot to learn!)..any tips gratefully accepted!

Trish Munro


Mandy said...

Wow Trish you do sound busy...Congrats to your daughter getting so far and good luck with the next audition,can't offer any tips as my daughter is tone deaf with two left I love her to bits...
Mandy x

CardArTart said...

Trish I don't know about the L plates - that would be me - you are at least a P plater by now lol