Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kasha Rolley

Trish's Cards January 2011 153
Trish's Cards January 2011 154
Kasha Rolley came along one weekend to our Papermates monthly class and taught us this wonderful project using a hard canvas we painted a mixture of rich dark blue and gold and applied in a distressed fashion. Over the top we then adhered with diluted glue a random vintage stamped tissue paper dress pattern as this was sheer and thin to create this wonderful background. Then added a few vintage images and now I have this wonderful project to admire. I not only enjoy the social experience and the joy of the doing but learning new techniques helps you look at the stuff you already have with new eyes. A great tip Kasha gave us was to dip the ends of your ribbon in glue so that they don’t fray.


CardArTart said...

I was wondering when your camera would find this project lol

Terri said...

This is a fantastic project. I love everything about it.