Monday, February 6, 2012

Queensland Modern Art Gallery- Kids Exhibition Magicland

I took my daughter to see the latest kids exhibition at the Brisbane Modern Art Gallery (Australia), we ended up going twice, it was that good! So we have heaps of photos to share with you, it was an area as big as two or three tennis courts to give you an idea of the size of this exhibition. This was such a wonderful place to visit, in fact I had been to this gallery at least 5 times previously and on our last visit a lady security guard overheard us talking in the ladies toilet.We were thrilled about the place where you wash your hands, as overhead there must have been some motion sensor projector and these life size hands appeared and washed their hands …where we were washing our hands and she overheard how we were saying “ it was so fantastic and we thought it was the best part of the whole gallery” and she chimed into the conversation and asked if we thought it was better that the kids section of the gallery and we said.. what was she talking about, what kids section???? Well after escorting us thru a series of hallways I assumed were offices or private areas we found this huge area full of kids hands on activities. I will show you in another post our first visit to the kids section.

Here is the link to read about the artists Pip &Pop who created Magicland and if you have kids they will love this interactive multimedia, compliments of the gallery  We Miss You MAGICLAND.

Cards January 2012 040

Cards January 2012 041

Cards January 2012 042

Cards January 2012 043

Cards January 2012 044

Cards January 2012 045

Cards January 2012 046

Cards January 2012 049

Cards January 2012 051

Cards January 2012 052

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Trish Munro


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Gorgeous, the colors, the imagination and the hours it must have taken them to assemble it all.


Hugs, Lori

CardArTart said...

Oh man! I so wish I could've come with you that day! I've given you a blog award too, so check out my blog for it :)

Mandy said...

Beautiful pics and the displays look fabulous I love all the detail and the colours are lovely,looks like it was a great exhibition...
Mandy x

Dr Sonia S V said...

WOW Thank You Trish for sharing such magical photos indeed!

Jennifer said...

This is just incredible! Thanks so much for taking lots of pics! Glad that you enjoyed it!