Sunday, March 6, 2011

Laugh, Love & Live

This fabulous project I made in a class with Stamping Inkstinct a few years ago and it was designed by the very talented Louise Magetti. I really enjoy going to classes with kits as you can relax and enjoy the process of the doing, and that sense of achievement when you get home and admire how clever you are…” I did that!”.  I have a treasure box with all the wonderful things that I have made and I wanted a record for myself of what I’ve been doing and with the labelling system on blogger I figure I can check what I’ve done and learnt in the past and be my own muse!
Trish's Cards Feb 2011 002
Trish's Cards Feb 2011 003

Trish's Cards Feb 2011 004
Trish's Cards Feb 2011 005

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Terri said...

Beautiful! I love the colors and the sentiment of your book. You did a lovely job on it.