Monday, January 24, 2011

Face Painting

Here are some faces I painted for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in the Black Forest for Tweed Theatre Company on the Gold Coast in 2010. It’s great to have somewhere to record my artwork.


Snow White May 2010 002 

Tillie the Turtle

Snow White Anzac April 2010 023_thumb

Robin Bird

Snow White Anzac April 2010 025

The Owl

Snow White Anzac April 2010 028

The Bunnies

Snow White Anzac April 2010 029

The Dwarfs

Snow White Anzac April 2010 022

Here Snow White is asleep and……. whatever shall we do?

What a wonderful showcase of amazing talented actors and singers in this show.

I really enjoyed the challenge of painting their faces to suit their character roles. With each show I progressed better and faster. I’m a bit fussy but by the last show the kids looked great. I started out sketching each character on paper first so it was easier to remember what to do under the pressure of time. Lots of other Mum’s helped out to get the whole cast done on time. The secret ingredient was the thin brush with firm bristles and the black face paint made it easier to do fine detail and definitely moisturise their skin first. I had so much fun!  

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